The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time randomizers are taking the speedrunning community by storm. I wanted to load one onto my Wii’s Virtual Console but was having issues getting the injected WAD to load.

Here’s the process I followed to inject an Ocarina of Time Randomizer ROM into a Wii Virtual Console WAD.

Please Note

I assume no risk or responsibility arising from the tutorial outlined below. Installing WADs to your device can be dangerous. Please obtain files in a legitimate manner and support the original developers wherever possible. All information in this tutorial is provided “as is”, with no guarantee of completeness or accuracy. Use the following information at your own risk.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the trademark and copyright of Nintendo. This website is not endorsed by or affiliated with Nintendo in any way.

What You Need

The instructions below assume that you already have the following:

  • A soft-modded Wii console, with:
    • An SD card with an SD card reader.
    • The Homebrew Channel.
    • A WAD installer of your choice.
  • The Ocarina of Time Randomizer of your choice, either the original from AmazingAmpharos, or TestRunner’s build.
  • An Ocarina of Time WAD in USA/NTSC format.
  • An Ocarina of Time ROM, version 1.0 in USA/NTSC format.
  • A GUI of krimtonz’ gzinject, called gzinjectGUI.

The Process

Generating your Ocarina of Time randomizer ROM

This example uses the Windows installer method from AmazingAmpharos.

  1. Install the randomizer executable, then open OoT Randomizer.
  2. Change the options as you desire, making sure to select the “Compress patched Rom” option.
  3. Under “Base Rom,” select your version 1.0 Ocarina of Time ROM.
  4. Click “Generate Patched Rom.”

Injecting the ROM into the WAD

  1. Extract gzinjectGUI and open gzinjectGUI.exe. If Windows shows a protection message, click “More info” and then “Run anyway.”
  2. Under “Compressed ROM (32MB),” drag and drop or navigate to the compressed Ocarina of Time randomized ROM that was generated above. By default, this file is in the directory %USERPROFILE%\Documents\OoTRandomizer. The compressed ROM’s filename will end with -comp.
  3. Under “Donor WAD (Vanilla OOT),” drag and drop or navigate to your Ocarina of Time WAD file.
  4. Optionally give the file a Channel ID and Channel Title, then click “Generate WAD.”

Installing the WAD to the Wii

  1. Take the SD card out of your Wii.
  2. Using the SD card adapter, open up File Explorer and navigate to the SD card.
  3. Create a folder and name it wads. Open the wads directory you’ve just created.
  4. Inside the wads directory, drag and drop the WAD we generated in the last step. By default, the WAD is generated in the same directory as the gzinjectGUI application.
  5. Once the transfer is complete, safely eject the SD card and re-insert it into the Wii console.
  6. Power on your Wii and go to the Homebrew Channel. Open the WAD manager of your choice and install the WAD following the WAD Manager’s instructions.
  7. Exit the WAD Manager and navigate back to the Wii’s Home Menu.
  8. You’re done!

Michael Stenberg